Information Systems

At Euro Tabak we utilize intelligent logistic solutions to exceed our customer needs. We invest in technology in all aspects of our services in order to ensure we offer a fully integrated solution that fits your business goals. From inbound logistics – to warehousing, as well as order fulfilment, sales, and delivery tracking via GPS, we continuously review and adapt our software and systems to the demands of our partners and customers.


Our logistics solutions are coupled with the latest technology in hardware in order to match our customer demands. Among the many devices we utilise are our Motorola MC67 data collection terminals equipped with GPS modules and bacrode scanners, iPad tablets for commercial purposes and order placement, and Lenovo tablets for merchendising. In addition to these, our disrtibution vehicles are equipped with GPS modules for 24/7 live tracking of deliveries.


Euro Tabak firmly believes in brand development – only with distinction in categories and emphasizing brand specificity, an inextricable relationship with the consumer is built, and the whole experience of consumption obtains a different dimension. Adjusting the sales price, setting the right point of sale, analysis of the product’s characteristics and its promotion, that is, the emphasis on the specifics, are the processes that all the products of Euro Tabak pass before the start of sales and distribution.

Marketing is closely linked to sales, but Euro Tabak goes a step further and takes particular care for developing a brand, which can depend on many factors. Being a step ahead of the market means: analysis, testing, vigilant monitoring of regulations, technologies, changes in behavior of target groups, global trends and local developments.


From the production line to the store shelf, your product is in the best hands with our team. Send us a request for a quote, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.